ino AS 447

| 3 Spindle Copy Router

Winotec 447, is the perfect solution for conventional machining of the aluminium door sash profiles. the machine has 3 different spindles working independently from each other and in 0-90-180 degrees. Each spindle is referancing from another template to finish the profile routing operations in the fastaest way. 

The spindle working from the top opens the lock case, the spindle working from the front opens the handle and the keyhole on the front side of the profile, and the spindle working from the behind opens the handle and the keyhole on the back side of the profile.

Machining sizes: X1 380 mm. / Y1 120 mm. / Z1 220 mm. X2 330 mm. / Y2 150 mm. / Z2 250 mm.

Main Features:

    • Copy router with 1 vertical and 2 horizontal spindles
    • Designed to work on 3 sides of the aluminium profile without moving
      the workpiece
    • Automatic clamping of milling depth on each position by means of 2
      pairs of pneumatic horizontal and vertical pistons
    • Horizontal & vertical copying templates with standard figures
    • 1,5 mt. roller conveyors positioned at the right (with ruler) and left
      sides of the machine that provide support for the profiles length.
    • Spray mist cooling system


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