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ino AS 424

| Double Mitre Saw 500 mm.


Automatic double mitre saw for cutting aluminium profiles.

Electrowelded and machined ridig steel contruction.

Sawblade diameter 500 mm. / 2.2 kW 2.800 rpm motors .

Net cutting length of 4.000 mm that can be extended to 7.500 mm with software support.

10.0” TFT-LCD Touchpanel + PLC Controller.

Hydro-Pneumatic feeding of the cutting saws.

Pulse spray mist coolant system.

Movable head is moving on crack mill with brushless servo motor and reducer through  linear guides.

The saw-feed mechanism is moving with a cross-section way following a bow type path to clamp the profile better, to maintain the perfect cut surface and also protect the sawblade’s lifetime.

Cutting heads tilting outside 22.5°/45°/90° pneumatically through a cylinder and inbetween angles are adjusted manually.

Maximum cutting width: 165 mm.

Maximum cutting height: 300 mm.

Minimum cut from 45° to 90° tilted outside: 630 mm.

Minimum cut in 45° tilted with pneumtic feed option: 430 mm.

Minimum cut in 45° with short piece support:  375 mm.

Total installed power: 9 kW / 18A / 400 V / 50-60 Hz. / 3Phase

Air pressure and air consumption: 6-8 Bar. – 70 L/min.

Protection covers moving up and down automatically.

2 pieces of horizontal and 1 piece vertical clamping pistons for each head.

Roller conveyor connected on the movable head.

Colored cables inside the electrical cabinet.

CE Certificate / Users’ manual – English Language.

Optional Equipment:

Data transfer package for working together with window production softwares. Importing data, label printing and transferring data to the CNC profile machining center via barcode.

Label printer.

15.0” TFT-LED TouchPanel controller screen.

Automatic profile height measurement system via pneumatic cylinder.

Pneumatic supports mounted along the machine; turning on/off automatically controlled by the PLC, according to the size of the profile with a  protection hood.

Protection hood placed in front of the head, that has extra emergency & clamping buttons on.

Short cut with pneumatic feed, through a pneumatic cylinder with 200 mm. stroke, mounted under the roller conveyor of the movable head, for cutting small pieces automatically, controlled by the PLC.

Pneumatic short piece support for cutting short profiles into smaller sizes, controlled by the PLC.

Pneumatic “Arrow Head” cutting stopper, customized for the UK market, controlled by the PLC.

Extended cut, for cutting profiles longer than the length of the machine.

Step by step cut for corner cleats.

Manual central supports.

Movable dust extraction drawers placed under the machine.

Dust extractor 3.0 kW with steel and plastic pipes.



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