INO AS 499

Automatic cutting of industrial heavy profiles in 90 degrees between 1 mm – 2.000 mm in one stroke.

The machine feeds the profile with brushless servo motor on screw mill system at the length that is adjusted by the operator from the cnc controller.

0,05 mm / m. Accuracy

The sawblade moves radially on the screw mill and brushless servo motors. For each cut piece it is possible to adjust the sawblade coming out distance. For each different size of sawblade it is possible to adjust the park place of the sawblade.

Ultimate ridig steel contruction of 3 tons.

The screw mill basis + the linear guides basis  are machined, the screw mill and the linear guides connection holes are drilled&tapped with 5 Axis Metal Processing Center.

Electrostatic Powder Coated Painting for all of the machine.

Max. Loading weight of the profile: 50 kgs. / meter

Max width of the profile to be cut: 500 mm.

Max height of the prfoile to be cut: 230 mm.

10.2” TFT-LCD touchscreen

Sawblade diameter 700 mm.

Sawblade power: 10 kW on belt driven reducer and the rpm can be adjusted via servo inverter between 0 – 4.000 rpm

It is possible to connect different sizes of sawblades both in diameter and thickness and run them with different rpm and different feedrate to get the best cut quality on the cut surface of the cut pieces.

Maximum feeding length in one stroke 2.000 mm that can be extended infinite times thanks to the software support.

The rest piece at the end is 25 mm

Thanks to the automatic table separation system, the cut piece is separated after the cutting finishes before the sablade goes back. A superior cut piece surface is maintained.

Cutting list read up to 99999 profiles.

8 pieces of horizontal and vertical clamping pistons for perfect grip of the profile.

With the 3 meter roller conveyor it is possible to load profiles up to 6 meters on the machine.











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