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ino XP 8000

| 4 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center

ino XP 8000 | 4 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center

ino XP 8000 is a Gantry type 4 axis CNC machining center for processing profiles. The Maxi-Steel type of extra strengthened machine body has a huge rigidity and flexibility in processin profiles up to 350 mm X 350 mm in 0,1 mm / 1 meter ultimate precision and 80 mt./min X Axis speed. With the heavy body and the gantry type of machining bridge, it is possible to process the heaviest aluminium profiles, even hard steel and stainless steel profiles.

The clamping units are moved automatically by the column and the data is collected form the CamBOX 3D CADCAM software that generates G codes from the profile drawings. All profile data can be imported from dxf and dwg files very easily through the software and the machining operations can be programmed by using the ready macros for drilling and milling. The machine has 7.5 kW 24.000 rpm spindle with adjustable speed for different thickness of materials.

The high speed spindle can rotate in A axis between 0 to 180 in all intermediate degrees. All the axes are controlled by the brushless servo motors and servo drivers through CNC controller. The real CNC controller is collecting the processing data of G codes from the CamBOX 3D CAD-CAM software and all the moves of the axes are adjusted very smoothly and controlled perfectly.

Inside the tool changer magazine, it is possible to place many tools up to 300 mm of disc cutter diameter and 300 mm length of cutter bits. This giant tooling helps the operator to solve many machining problems very easily. The ISO 30 conic tool holders are standard where in case the customer needs, HSK F63 is also possible optionally.

The tool length measurement technology is also placed inside the tool changer magazine, to measure the tools before the machining starts and the software can manipulate the G codes according to the changes in the tool size.

Thanks to the CNC controlled roller conveyor for extracting the dust caused by the machining procedures, all the swarf is carried out automatically.


Technical details:

  • 4 Axis CNC Controller Unit X-Y-Z-A.
  • 7.5 kW 24.000 rpm Spindle ISO30 Tool Holders.
  • Tool changer magazine with 8 positions.
  • 0-180 degrees rotating spindle at every angle through brushless servo motor.
  • 8 profile clamps – manually positioned according to the positions assigned by the CAD-CAM.
  • 450 mm X 300 mm Profile processing from the top.
  • 350 mm. X 350 mm. Profile processing from 3 sides of the profile.
  • CNC controlled pulse spray mist coolant.
  • CAD-CAM programming 3D graphics.
  • Laser safety barriers.


  • X-Axis Speed: 80 mt./min. Travelling Range: 9.500 mm.
  • Y-Axis Speed: 60 mt./min. Travelling Range: 1.100 mm.
  • Z-Axis Speed: 25 mt./min. Travelling Range: 600 mm.

Optional Accessories:

  • CNC Controlled Dust Extraction Belt  Conveyor.
  • Automatic positioning of the clamps – 8 pieces.
  • Additional clamping units.
  • Double station working capability.
  • 11,0 kW 24.000 rpm Spindle ISO 30 Tool Holders. Air cooling type.
  • 15,0 kW 24.000 rpm Spindle HSK F63 Tool Holders. Liquid cooling type.
  • Tapping with spindle compensation. Max 12 mm.
  • Toolkit 8 pieces of tool holders + collets + cutters.
  • Max diameter disc-cutter – 300 mm.
  • Additional PC for connection via internet for troubleshooting and ORGADATA use.
  • Data transfer from ORGADATA through barcode reader.
  • Machine length extension up to 12 meters
  • Additional angular tool for working from the below part of the profile.
  • Additional angula spindle for working on the ends of the profile.
  • CNC controlled 450 mm sawblade functioning in 90 degrees placed behind of the bridge.

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