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CamBOX is a software developed by experts in the field of CAD / CAM solutions.

The CAD / CAM programs used in our country have been imported from abroad for years.

CamBOX, a Turkish CAD / CAM software developed by our engineers, is now in service of Turkish industrialists.

You can use your CNC machines with CamBOX software. CamBox produces toolpaths for cutting and milling. It supports up to 5 axes of toolpaths and 2 to 6 axes output for robot applications. Using CamBOX you can produce simultaneous 4 and 5 axis machining.

  • Drawing functions and basic CAD-CAM functionality
  • Reading data from other CAD-CAM systems

CamBOX software can read rigid models from external CADCAM systems such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Siemens NX, Catia.

CamBOX reads and analyzes your 3D models, identifies jobs and outlines them for your machine. You can also produce jobs manually at the program interface and transfer your newly created jobs along with automatically detected jobs to your CNC machine.

  • Tool magazine library

By creating a graphical team magazine library, collision control can be monitored by simulation.


Creation of tool paths

Templates can be used to create milling and drilling tool paths with the most suitable tool. The best result is obtained by following the simulation of the created operations.


A profile catalog can be created in which the user can add his own profile drawings in DXF format.

3D operation simulation

Operations can be simulated to maximize crash control.

Special Post Processor for Each Machine

You can use CamBOX software with every profile machining center and cutting & machining center. Post processor that generates G codes in accordance with your machine’s kinematic system and control system can be prepared by the flexible architecture of CamBOX software. To achieve high efficiency from the machine, it is important that the software and the machine match each other in the most appropriate coordination. With CamBOX, you can process pre-prepared templates on any profile on the surface you want.



Composite Panel Module

With CamBOX, you can manufacture 2D plates and similar products. This application is implemented with the nesting function. With the milling you can produce different operations. The parts and operations are arranged in such a way as to give the least amount of loss to the defined stock materials.In addition, the technical drawing output can be obtained by producing a report showing the operations.

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