ino XA Single Station Composite Panel Machining - Ino Machinery

Processing Dimensions:

XA 1535: 1500 x 3500

XA 1640: 1600 x 4000

XA 2140: 2100 x 4000

The XA Series is a CNC Panel Working Machinery specialized for machining aluminium composite panels. Also called in the market as ACP panels or ACM panels. The machine first grooves and then cuts the aluminium composite panels by using cutter bits using a high speed spindle motor, clamps the panels by vacuuming with a vaccum table and vacuuming pump, extracts the swarf coming out from the panel by a dust extraction system.

All axes are moving on linear guides and moved by reduced servo motors controlled by a real CNC controller. The machine can process light alloy materials such as: aluminium composite panels, aluminium panels up to 20 mm of wall thickness, backalite, copper, acrylic, plexi-glass and etc.

The machine has a very technologic vacuuming table made from plastic. The user does not need to isolate the table with gaskets ilke in the old system. The vacuuming is isolated inside the vacuuming system under the table and has a very high clamping force. This is a very new technology only used by ino Machinery.

The vacuuming table is divided into chambers of smaller vacuuming zones. Each zone is controlled by a 24V pneumatic valve to open and close. Those valves are controlled by the CNC controller, opened and closed according to the size of the panel. In ino XT series, the machine decides itself which zone to open and which zone to close, free from the operator control, so that the panel is clamped perfectly on the table and will not move during the processing.

There are 2 models in machining mentality. First is the twin-spindle and the second is the automaic tool changer model. In the first model, 2 pieces of spindle motors of 5,5 kW 18.000 rpm each, driven by one frequency inverter to adjust the routing speed. Spindles are working one by one, first spindle is grooving and the second is cutting the panel. This machining mentality causes much less time for tool changing and increases the output. This model is widely used in aluminium composite panel machining.

In the second model, there is one piece of 9,0 kW 24.000 rpm spindle and a tool changer of 6 positions, when the machine needs to use different tools, it changes from the tool changer.

The referance pins are also moving up and down according to the work-flow completely controlled by the CNC controller and free from the operators’ control. In the double station models it is used 8 pins and in the single station models 4 pieces are used.

The dust extractor is mounted on the spindle motor, collecting nearly 100% of the dust caused by the panel and keeps the machine clean. The surface of the panel is prevented from the scratches that may be caused by the dust dropping on the panel.

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