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XC 2000

| 3&4 Axis CNC Profile Machining Center

The Compact Design CNC profile machining center with 3 controlled axes X-Y-Z. Optionally available with a 4 Axis version that has 0-180 degrees rotating  spindle.

There are 3 different types in Processig sizes:

3 meter version: Net processing length is 3.000 mm.; thanks to the second stopper it is possible to process profiles up to 6.000 mm.

4 meter version: Net processing length is 4.000 mm.; thanks to the second stopper it is possible to process profiles up to 8.000 mm.

6 meter version: Net processing length is 6.000 mm.; thanks to the second stopper it is possible to process profiles up to 12.000 mm.

3 Axis versions depending on the processing length: XC 2000/33 XC 2000/34 XC 2000/36

4 Axis versions depending on the processing length: XC 2000/43 XC 2000/44 XC 2000/46

The machine is mainly designed for processing on aluminium profiles. Apart from aluminium, it can also process any kind of light alloy profiles with the help of dedicated customized cutters.

The bridge that is carrying the high speed electrospindle is moving on linear guides by the brushless servo motors independently from the drive and process any kind of shape on the profiles.

Thanks to the ino machinery’s dedicated double spindle working mentality, there are 2 different electrospindles mounted on the bridge. The first one is working from the top and has a power of 7,5 kW 24.000 rpm ISO 30 tooling and an automatic tool changer magazine of 6 positions. The second electrospindle is positioned horzintally in front of the first one and it is used for processing from the sides of the profiles, has a power of 3,0 kW 18.000 rpm. ER 25 tooling.

The CADCAM software is a customized tool for ino profile machining centers, the CamBOX. It can import any DXF file and convert to a 3D shape, the operator can place any kind of operations like drilling or slots or milling operations independently. There is no shape that the machine cannot process.

The disc cutter that can be connected to the tool changer magazine is max. 200 mm.

Profile processing dimensions of the machine is 200 mm. X 200 mm. Any kind of industrial or windows and doors or Unitised Cladding systemn profiles can be processed without any problems with this dimensions.

The pneumatic referance point tilt up and down automatically according to the machine’s working cycle.

There are 4,6 or 8 pieces of profile clamping units depending on the machining size, that are positioned manually by the operator according to the places that the CamBOX decides. Thanks to the automatic positioning of the clamps option, the bridge can also position the clamps itself.

The cabin enclosure covers move automatically up and down when the machine is on process and stops processing.

  • X-Axis speed 70 m./min.
  • Y- Axis speed 60 m./min.
  • Z- Axis speed 25 m./min.

Standard Equipment:

  • Doubling the working capacity thanks to the pneumatic referance points placed at both sides of the machine.
  • 6.0 meter net processing size version has double station capability.
  • Manually positioned profile clamps. The number of the clamps are 4,6 or 8 depending on the size of the machine. The width of the clamps are adjustable and they are also suitible for fixture connection.
  • 7,5 kw 24.000 rpm ISO 30 high speed spindle has an automatic tool changer magazine with 6 positions placed linear at the end of the machine.
  • 3,0 kW 18.000 rpm ER 25 non tool changer spindle with two sides
  • Machine enclosure moving up and down automatically following the work cycle.
  • Pulse spray mist coolant system.
  • 3D CAD-CAM software.
  • 15” TFT-LCD TouchPanel.

Optional Equipment:

  • Automatic positioning of the clamps moved by the bridge.
  • Disc cutter 120 mm.
  • Data import with barcode reader from production softwares.


  • Machine Size: 6.225 X 1.450 X 2.180 mm. (4 meter version)
  • Weight: 2.000 kgs.

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