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INO Machinery is a machine producer located in Bursa, in the industrial heart of Turkey. INO is manufacturing ALU&PVC Profile and Panel Processing Machinery for machining of architectural profiles used in windows doors and curtain walls, industrial profiles which are used in automotive, bus, aviation, furniture, home applience and similar sectors, and machining of ALU Composite Panels, HPL and Aluminium Panels. The machines produced are capable of machining various types of profiles up to 500 mm width and panels up to 2,500 mm width and 12 meters length.

INO lines currently concentrate on CNC machine production of 3-4-5 Axis CNC profile machining centers, big sized CNC double mitre saws, CNC automatic saws for the aluminium profiles, CNC Cutting and Machining centers and CNC 4 head welding lines for the PVC profiles, CNC Panel working machinery for ALU Composite Panels, HPL and Aluminium Panels.

INO takes the advantage of being close to Europe in order to use the newest European technologies and benefits of low wage rates of the Turkish work force to maintain its best Quality/Price ratios. INO’s new plant of 3,500 sqm closed production facilities are located in 16270 Bursa Turkey.


We have an experienced work force in mechanical and electrical fields, and in electronics and software. Our production departments consist of our own welding and metal machining department, an electric panels assembly department, an automation and process solution department, a machine assembly department, a start-up and Quality control department, and finally a packing and shipping department.

In the office side, we have a R&D department with 3 engineers, a software department, a sales and marketing department and an accounting department. For the after sales, we have the on-site technical support engineers in addition to technical support engineers in the office to give support on the phone or via internet connections.

We have our own software engineers and Automation and Process Solution Department to develop software solutions. We do not outsource our software thus not outsourcing the support for the software issues. Developing our own software gives us the flexibility to create customized solutions for our customers.

To catch the tremendous growth rates of the “Industry” in the 21st Century, INO believes that the tailor made machines in this field are vital to the customers to increase the efficiency and the number of output in dramatic numbers. Our goal is to supply our customers’ production facilities with the highest technologies in most reasonable prices.

We proudly observe the growth of our customers benefiting from the new investments they made with us. INO has a wide base of customer groups both in the architectural and industrial markets. The 70% of our customers are small and mid-size companies which are first time buyers of a new CNC machine and the remaining 30% are big-size companies that already have CNC machines but come to us for cost efficient high output machines. We are an absolutely cost and quality concious company.

We sell our products, beside our local market, in a wide international area, eager to expand to other countries and aggresively searching brand new hungary markets. We are already in the Middle East, Russia and CIS countries, Europe, USA and the South America. We currently sell to these markets through our agents, re-sellers and sale partners. Please take notice that we are one of the few companies in our field that provide excellent suppport to our customers in the above mentioned locations.

The machines that INO currently produces are:

  • 3 Axis CNC Aluminium Profile Machining Center
  • 4 Axis CNC Aluminium Profile Machining Center
  • 5 Axis CNC Aluminium Profile Machining Center
  • Double Mitre Saw with frontal feed of the sawblade 600 mm. / 450 mm.
  • Double Mitre Saw with radial feed of the sawblade 600 mm. / 500 mm.
  • Automatic cutting machine for heavy industrial aluminium profiles with 700 mm servo feed sawblade
  • Automatic cutting machine for standard aluminium profiles
  • Multi Axis CNC Cutting & Machining Center for ALU Profiles
  • CNC Cutting & Machining Center for PVC Windows and Doors Production
  • CNC Welding Line with 4 head welding machine + CNC corner cleaner
  • Various conventional machines used for processing ALU&PVC Profiles.


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+90 532 427 3315

Sales: info@inomachinery.comServices: servis@inomachinery.com

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